Wednesday, October 24, 2007

October's New Years Resolutions

So, as I feel a new beginning, after the show and fall projects, and much soul searching, my 'new year's' goal is to post much more often here. There is so much going on, and I have a constant stream of dialog in my head aimed at posting, but I just haven't put hands to keyboard to get it all down.

We are finally finishing the painting of the interior of our house (this we started before my daughter was born - she'll be THREE in April – how do we get so comfortable with a state of half finished? As I’m painting, every little mistake and smudge just screams at me, but after a month or so I don’t even notice huge patched spots and caulking streaked across the entire hallway and kitchen??) So I'm sitting here in paint fumes and a little scattered, but the FIRST thing I want to mention is this:

I had an incredible team from NW Organizers come help me organize my office, and WOW what a difference in my life!! My 'office' is the 4th bedroom in our house. It WAS the kids toy storage, my sewing area, my computer area, and our catch all of every book I've read, started reading and didn't finish, been MEANING to read but haven't even cracked open, reference book, cook books, etc. etc. They helped me declutter the room, and declutter my HEAD. No kidding. All of those things I was hanging on to, and moving from here to there, and dusting constantly but not USING? GONE. They helped me get all my fabric organized and into bins and in my closet. The kids stuff? OUT. They have their own drawers in the linen closet now. I have to admit that their paper “crafts” are all over the floor in here right now, but once that is gone, my floor space is CLEAR! And once we went through the exercise together, I went on a rampage in our house. We cleaned out the kids’ rooms and organized them. I even cleaned out our refrigerator! What is it about unnecessary clinging to objects?? Why do I feel compelled to hold on to tiny scraps of fabric that are so small I’ll never use them? I actually had an entire box of teeny tiny muslin scraps I thought I’d sew together to make pieces large enough to use. ?? This is muslin that is $2 a yard. And they were taking up an entire corner of my room. Anywaaays (spoken as Bullock from Deadwood), my room is clear, my mind is clear, and I’m ready to go. Give them a call – they can help you, too!

So what began this ramble, is that before I even met with them, Missy sent me an excel spreadsheet for laying out one’s day. I’m actually going to fill it out and try to stick to it. I do have to get my son to school and pick him up at the same time every day, so there is a frame in the chaos. I can do this! Interested in trying it, too? I'm going to try to figure out how to get it on here for you to download!
This way I’ll answer email 3 or 4 times a day at designated times, and not all day long as they ding in. I’ll spend some time every morning going over what I have to do today, and some every night getting ready for the next day. My play time with the kids will be WITH THE KIDS, and my work time will be strictly work time. People who know me are laughing. You can’t get there if you don’t try, though right??

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