Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anthropologie... AGAIN.

I know I go on and on about Anthropologie, but SERIOUSLY? This image (and the shirt she is wearing that is cut off in the image) is STUNNING. Why do her smashed up messy curls looks so fantastically chic?? If I COULD manage a do like this, I would probably knock someone behind me over with the protruding pile without even noticing. and that sweet little bump in the front?? Why, on her, does it not look like Jr. High cheerleading hair??? Oh Anthropologie....
I have loved since I started sewing! They just always have the best fabric and books and notions. I was SO pleased to hear this morning that the folks over there have put out TWO books filled with gorgeous design prints! Each book even has a CD for you to use in all of your crafty goodness! What a fantastic idea - what a gift to all of us! They are also giving away stationary with every purchase and giving away an entire set to one person. Check it here.
Mmmmm. Another reason to love Repro Depot!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Frying Scotsman!

Eleven years ago my husband and I were married. We were just babies with almost no responsibilities... For our honeymoon we packed our backpacks and headed to the British Isles! We toured the most interesting and romantic places: London, Avalon, the windy Cornish coast, crumbling Irish castles... It was a beautiful month and we were both smitten with those funny people across the pond.
One of our first stops in London was for REAL fish and chips!! They were even served in newspaper!
Now Portland has true fish and chips by a real Scotsman! It is called The Frying Scotsman, and I can't WAIT to get there, although I'm afraid once I do, I'll not be able to go any where else!! This is a truly family friendly place - you can grab some food and sit outside or take it home to eat. Every kid (even my incredibly picky eater) loves fish and chips!

He is located at 2219 NW Raleigh St. You must go! And so must I!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jazzy Toes

I'm SO disappointed with Trumpet Socks. They were the cutest socks, but more importantly they stayed on my son's feet! Seven years ago when our Mr. H. was a baby they were all I put on him. When Baby O. was only a couple of days old, we made a special trip to a boutique here in Portland to snap up some new trumpets for him. I was SO sad to see that they are no longer made as beautifully as they used to be! I have a couple of pairs left from Mr. H, and holding them up next to each other, it is clear that the quality and shape have gone way down hill. When I pay that much for a product, I want it to WORK and last.This is why I was so happy to find Jazzy Toes!! They are so stinking cute - socks and sandals! cowboy boots! - and they are made with the right shape to stay on their feet and last. SO GREAT.

Freeze Your Wine.

I was just reading my new Everyday Food magazine/recipe book I got in the mail yesterday and there was the best tip! Freeze your leftover wine in ice cube trays so you can pop them in soups or stews for extra flavor or even to deglaze a pan! I know I've read this before, but I seem to have forgotten it and feel so guilty when I look at that little bit of wine left in the bottle. I can hear you now, "Leftover WINE??!?!" Yes, my husband and I often don't finish a bottle between the two of us. We are always going in so many directions and so fast that when we sit down to enjoy a glass of wine, it somehow makes us realize just how insanely tired we are and we are lucky to make it through ONE glass before peeling our faces off the table and heading to bed.

We are going to miss these days of having sweet little people, but the idea of sleep is nice.

Anyway, FREEZE your wine!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We Have a Winner

Congratulations Molly!!! My daughter picked your name out of a hat! Oh my gosh I love giving things away. I have to make this a regular thing!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Photos of the Swaddle Blankets

Here are some of the prints you can choose from. I'm just saying...

Swaddle Blanket Giveaway

As my baby is getting ready to turn ONE, I found this photo of him sleeping soundly in his swaddle at EIGHT MONTHS OLD! Swaddles are truly miraculous - the answer to all sleeping woes. Babies love to be all snug as bugs. He is a big boy, and still fit into our swaddle blankets at 8 months! This one is called O'Henry Swaddle Baby Blanket - Blue Green Clusters.

And because I'm feeling all warm and snugly thinking about my swaddled baby, I'll give one of these swaddle blankets away! You can even choose the print. Respond to this post before Saturday night at midnight (Pacific time) and I'll draw one of you at random. If you subscribe, post that and I'll give you another entry. If you post this in your blog, post your address and I'll give you ANOTHER entry!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I want two of these SO bad for our basement rec room. I saw them first at Airplay Cafe here in Portland, and it was love at first site. They are HUGE. They are soft but incredibly durable. They can be a chair, a lounge, a fort. Oh, and they come in Marimekko prints. The outdoor styles are on sale at The Mini Social right now - sign up!

Sunday, September 6, 2009


As I was reading to my kids tonight, I asked them what they wanted for Christmas. I've been thinking of things I can make or find that are made. We are making a gigantic effort to finally cut down on the amount of presents that are given to our kids. When our first baby was born, we had all of the lovely ideals about only having organic, natural toys, and not giving in to the mad commercial crush of noisy plastic toys. As the years went on, we seem to have lost our resolve, because our house is completely cluttered with blinking plastic!! We've spent most of the weekend going through all of this clutter and getting rid of everything we can. How do all of those teeny tiny toys and pieces of toys multiply so fast? We were literally dumping plastic bins full of worthless junk into garbage sacks (some bound for goodwill). We are making a place for everything so the kids can be successful keeping their areas neat. We are absolutely NOT buying anything from Mattel, which is MOST commercial toys, because of their complete lack of integrity and care for the safety of our kids. I'm going to make as much as I can, and we are going to buy handmade.

In answer to my Christmas question, Mr. H. starting listing, at a frequency so high I think he woke up the neighborhood dogs, every single Lego set under the sun. He also made up prices for each one even though he has no idea how much any of them cost or which ones cost more than others. YES I'm holding on to these days as long as I can. And thank GOD Mattel doesn't own LEGO!!

Miss Mae answered, "princesses." I started to think of lovely princessy capes and crowns, and she started describing SNOW WHITE. Puffy sleeves and all. I knew this day would come - she has never been interested in Disney princesses - but I hoped it wouldn't. And it is here. She went on and on and on about all of the Barbies (Mattel) and Disney princesses (MATTEL!!) So I'm scouring Etsy for a better version of princesses. A kinder, gentler version. Here are a few I've found and want for her:

This lovely pink hand felted crown by curlylulu!
Ooooo! and this great print by artelf!
This sweet Sparkly Crown Pink I Spy Bag by Cozy Things:

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sheila Lukins

Sheila Lukins the co-author of The New Basics and The Silver Palate Cookbook died on Sunday at age 66. I'm actually sitting here crying. My mom gave me her New Basics when I was in high school, and it is still my favorite cookbook. Even now when it is so easy to just print out a recipe and toss the paper in the recycling, I pull out her book first. I was just at a friend's house for dinner, and she too had this sitting on her shelf. These women taught so many of us to cook! I always imagined their sweet little shop in New York and thought one day I'd go there.
Not one recipe feels dated or makes me think "that is so 80's!" How many books can you say that about? Every single thing I've made from it turns out wonderfully.
It is a sad day to think she isn't here anymore, but what a legacy she has left in all of us! I know I feed my family and friends with meals she imagined for us.