Thursday, April 15, 2010

Princess Party Crowns: A Craft Event.

In order to be a proper princess, even one who is only recognized after sleeping on a pea (see invitation below), one really must have a crown. I don't like to ask anything TOO, too much of party guests - the idea of someone feeling left out for any reason is too much for me, and the thought of someone feeling inadequately dressed is the worst. I DO, however, love dress up parties! (My son's birthday is 3 days before Halloween, so we've had LOTS of fun dressing up!) Therefore, my favorite thing to do is have the favors and crafty events help dress up the guests. This time I found these darling crowns on etsy. The price of $5 each was just too good to pass up - and FREE shipping! Lisa is a professional costume creator and has lovely crowns, capes, and is listing party packs, too! I usually try to stay around $5 a child for "favors" but as I've lost my mind somewhere a couple of kids ago, I planned a fun craft, forgot about it, and started a new one. Once I remembered the first, I was too in love with them both to let go of either one! I'll post about the other craft later. As I was over budget, I went with these sparkly, glittery foam stickers for decorating our perfect crowns. I wish I had splurged for something a little nicer (and smaller) but they were easy for the little 4 and 5-year-olds to decorate to their hearts content.I put the stickers in these little silver and crystal dishes I have trouble using for anything else, because, you know... they are PRINCESSES making CROWNS.I bought a couple of rolls of tulle from our local Fabric Depot in pinks and purples, and a roll of black for my son - his is below. I cut lengths from the rolls and the girls tied them to the back of the crowns for the proper cascading royal effect. Here are a couple of the darlings trying them on PREtulle.
And these are the finished products one princess, one prince of darkness.
It was a joy to work with Lisa at Fairy Godmother For Hire, I was SO happy with how the individual crowns turned out, I love that the girls (and boy) got to take home special crowns that will last forever, I love that I spent money on something that won't get thrown away in a week, I love that a mama made these crowns!


  1. That looks like such fun! This might even inspire me to be a little more creative :)

  2. These were SO easy. I really didn't do anything but assemble the parts. It could go SO much further - older kids could glue or sew things on, the 'tails' could be made out of fabric and more fabulous...! The BEST thing is to start with a great base like these crowns!