Monday, June 7, 2010

Homer Price and His Doughnut Machine

My son's class was reading Homer Price
Homer Price
in his first grade class and they decided they MUST act the entire thing out, and Mr. H. of COURSE volunteered to make the doughnut machine for the play!  He assured everyone it would be SO easy and even built a model for us to follow:
With some help from his dad's recycling room at his office and a pinkie swear that the machine would NOT return to our house after the play, we set to work!  We first watched this video from to understand the scope.
This is only part one, and there are THREE parts if you are so inclined.  We weren't.  But we did watch enough to build the doughnut machine out of cardboard!
The kids did a GREAT job with their play!  And someone ELSE got to take the machine home!  Win, win!

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