Thursday, July 29, 2010

How To Make Your Room Feel Larger

I get SO many emails a day about how to make a room feel larger.  Paint ONE wall red, mix up textures, pull all the furniture OFF of the walls so you feel the room behind them (yeah, that one only works if your resulting furniture configuration doesn't leave every piece TOUCHING because your room is so small), etc. etc.
I have a GREAT tip that REALLY works:

Open up your ironing board and put it right in the middle of your office/bedroom/dining room/living room.  Leave the iron on it for a couple of days. (You can actually iron something on it if you want, but it isn't neccessary.)  Make sure to pile up anything you can't find a place for that you happen to be carrying as you walk by.  Make sure it is good and covered.  If you are feeling REALLY energetic, you can pile of a couple of boxes under and around the ironing board.

Leave it all there for at LEAST a week, longer if you really want this to work.

Now, as soon as you get a call that someone is coming for a visit/playdate/they-are-on-the-porch-NOW run into THE room, and grabbing as much as you can carry, shove it all into ANOTHER room, preferably one with a door.  Close the door.  Walk back into the original room, AND:

Take a spin in your NEW GIANT room!!  Who Knew you had so much space?!
Great, right?

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