Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giveaway II

Hello!  Thanks for posting and following and fanning and etc. etc.  My littlest boy broke his arm in two places yesterday afternoon - from a very minor fall off the couch - hmmm.  well, it was more of a "let's see if I can walk off of the couch onto the back of my little push motorcycle and ride it around the room."  So after the evening at the ER and lots of holding him, I didn't get to choose a winner.  Right now he looks a little like he's been beat up and is, "starving" so I'm going to take care of him some more and hopefully choose a random winner this afternoon.
Since I know you are all sitting around waiting and tapping your fingers, you should *totally* go over to Tip Junkies and print out these smiles and mustaches.  They will make you laugh.  Or at least it will look like you are laughing while you hold up your smile!

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