Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine Cards For the Classroom

The kids picked out some Silly Bands valentine packages the last time we were at target, but I just can't be happy with them!  They are cute and I know the kids will like them - once they get home since they are no longer allowed in their school! - but I've never been happy with JUST a package from target!  I loves me some Target, don't get me wrong, but I've been thinking about cutting and gluing and folding and punching paper to give them a more hand made feel.  Imagine my delight when I came across these adorable designs from Scenerie!!  They are lovely, adorable, and more than just a card!  These will be transformed into finger puppets when my daughter's kindergarten class gets home:

 And I can just hear my son's second grade class going crazy over these adorable optical illusion cards!!

All they have to do is sign their names and tie a little ribbon holding the cards to the Silly Bands, and we are done!


  1. SUPER CUTE! I have been looking for creative ones... I, too, can hardly bear to get the boxed ones!

  2. There are some great printables on . We usually wing it, but these were so adorable I had to get them. I printed them on nice paper today, but they just weren't heavy enough, so I bought cardstock. They look much better on that.

  3. I'm in the office now cutting and folding - I have too many supplies to purchase valentines for the boys classes ;-) always love seeing your ideas!!!