Saturday, February 2, 2008

Baby Shower planning

I'm putting on a shower for one of my very best friends in the world - she was my college roommate as well. I DO love to put on a party! We are having the party at her house, and her sister in law and I are planning it, so it is a bit of a collaborative effort. She will be surrounded by lovely people who love her, and that is the most important thing! In addition to all the love, I'm obsessing over little details which is my thing. My husband says "why do you stress??" My answer? "Because I'm good at it." I love to have a list of things to accomplish before a big event.

THIS event is a baby shower. I made blue invitations in orange envelopes with supplies from Paper Zone here in town. I printed them from my computer, and stamped the edge with a lovely stamp that has 4 sides. I used it on my daughter's birthday invites, too.
Now I've just finished the favor boxes. They are simply little white boxes with folded paper inside, two Amaretti cookies, and then tied up nicely with a little bow and a sticker. I downloaded the frame from istock, and just wrote in the text in photoshop. I used the 8 1/2 x 11 mailing label sheets to print them out then punched them out with a scalloped square punch. I'm happy with how they turned out!

I wrote this post a bit ago, and it turned out so beautifully! Linda was in charge of the food, and she had it all catered from Elephant's Deli - a REALLY amazing deli here in Portland's Northwest neighborhood. Oh my, was it good! I made champagne cocktails with blueberries and lemonade (sparkling water for the preggos in the group) and we all toasted the new mama. The group was wonderful, we all showered Patty with love, and it was a perfect afternoon.

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