Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kid friendly restaurants in Portland

We are expecting friends from out of town, and we are all going to go out to dinner. We will be 12 in all, including the kids, and would love to be able to actually SIT DOWN and eat dinner without stressing over what the kids are doing, or who they are bothering. The guests are all from out of town, from California to New York City, and we'd love to show them a bit of our lovely city - we are after all famous for our amazing restaurants - but as we haven't been anywhere that doesn't have a built in train table in 5 years, I had to ask for advice from the best group of women I know!

Here are some of their great comments:

If your guest are beer drinkers Widmer is a great place to take them. Of course we eat there ALL the time. Jake loves watching the trains and Max go by. They take reservations and I would request something in the back room if you decide to go.You wouldn't be alone but it would be separate from the main restaurant. They have a great kids menu and good food too. It's on N Russell and Interstate.
I have never been to Steamers on Sandy Blvd, but the menu looks good, price is reasonable and there are private rooms for 10-100 people!
Bumblekiss just off of fremont is pretty kid friendly and small-if you arrange in advance the chef/owner might be able to get your own space-I would think you would fill the place it is so small...otherwise same area is cha cha cha...the one on [NE] fremont, has terrific happy hours and it never seems busy there I would think they could let you have one side and set up toys or something in the front...just an idea-not really the standard known kid friendly places but close and good food-bumblekiss is awesome-all fresh, changing menu, PBRs for a dollar (assuming all friends are not pg as well)
last but I have not been there is that Old Wives Tales? heard kid friendly-no idea about spaces...but supposed to be good. Gustavs is kids eat free on certain days-that means they must be friendly, and last but not least...kennedy school.
Nicola's (Italian food) in North portland has a little room in the back of the restaurant that we were seated in one time. I think it would accomodate 12 people although I don't know if they take reservations specifically for that room. The food there is great!!
Vita Cafe on Alberta is kid friendly but very slow and very busy so reservations are a must. It is mostly veggie/vegan food with only Free range beef bugers for the carnivors.

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  1. Great to see some kid friendy places. We visit pdx often and are always searching for a comfortable place with yummy food!