Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Fairy Party.

Miss Mae and I went to the MOST lovely party EVER last weekend. It was a Fairy Mud pie party! Miss Esther and Miss Anna were the birthday girls, and Esther's parents and little brother were the hosts. (They were also kind enough to share their photos with me!) We walked into a gorgeous backyard (that has inspired me to work on our sad, barren backyard) filled with spaces. I don't know how to say it better than that - it was filled with SO many spaces! A little place to sit here, a garden there, a path over a hill and through the bushes here, a tree swing there... It felt like ten backyards. The center piece of the party was the fairy tree. Little baskets and pails were strung from the tree with pretty pieces of ribbon. Each basket had a different tiny fairy building material: tiny pine cones, little bits of sticks, feathers, sunflower seeds, flower petals, pine needles... At the base of the tree sat flower pots filled with more supplies. Everything looked like it had been there for ages - settled by the fairies themselves. I wanted to plop myself down and build some fairies a HOUSE! Instead, though, Miss Mae and I chose the perfect little bits for her pail and found some perfect little shells in the sand box and oo'ed and aah'ed over each tiny addition.

Here are he birthday girls in THE tree.

Miss Raven choosing her fairy mud pie supplies from THE tree.Some finished fairy mud pies. Really, they are the most beautiful mud pies I've ever seen!

The party favors (apart from the sweet buckets filled with the building supplies) were handmade washcloths - each one different - bundling a darling little shaped soap and tied up with a strip of ribbon. Perfect for washing up after an afternoon of playing in the mud. This was so much more than a birthday party! We were transported into another world for the afternoon. Thank you for the gift!

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