Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rag Curls

Miss Mae has been asking for curls for weeks. We tried to curl her hair up with a curling iron for a Fancy Nancy party last summer, but her sweet, soft, baby hair simply won't hold a curl that way. My mom used to curl my hair at night with rag curls, so we gave it a shot! She ADORED the entire process, and it went pretty quick. I used these disposable things I found at the store, and tied up pretty curls in her wet from the bath hair. (I'm going to use cotton ones from now on, these were actually pretty difficult to use.) She slept on them all night, and then this morning we woke to these lovely curls!! She was preening and posing in front of the mirror for EVER! It was great fun. She's decided we are going to do this every single day... We'll see!


  1. OH MY!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!!! I think she should do it every night too!! so much for getting it cut, huh?? I hope you got lots more pictures too!?

  2. we didn't do it again tonight. after swimming in the pool all day, we just made it through dinner, the bath and books, and she was out like a light. maybe tomorrow?

  3. :D Marne! I used to get rag curls too! Mamaw used to keep her scraps of material/cloth from when she would sew things for me and tear it into strips for it. I always had curly-ish hair, but the rags kinda made them all go the same way lol. Your daughter is simply too cute for words! Love this!