Wednesday, October 7, 2009

World Cuisine Organic Baby Food!

Organic, full of flavors of the world, and made right here in the Northwest! If ONLY baby O. was still eating baby food! This looks so fantastic. Two doctors, husband and wife, created these new flavors inspired by tastes from around the world. No bland strained peas or pureed sweet potatoes!!

This is Borscht! It is about that time of year that I make a giant batch (like the good Ukrainian girl that I am) and stock my freezer - Baby O. will be eating my borscht, but now your baby can too! WithOUT the hours of peeling beets and stained hands.

You can find it here in Portland at Whole Foods, but there are more stores in Washington, and you can order online.


  1. I was looking all over for this company when my nephew was eating baby food!! I saw them advertised and then searched all over online and couldn't find them. And now my nephew is done with baby food, too! Such a great idea...

  2. i KNOW. I'm emailing her right now to see if they have any plans for toddler foods.