Sunday, October 10, 2010

Another Princess and Another Pea

I love Garnet Hill!!  I dream of having a life like the women on the pages of the catalog.  I would wake up in my over priced pajamas and they would be IRONED, and i would lounge in my slippers with my robe perfectly askew in my room that was decorated to the inch in what ever season i happened to be in.  We'd have a different Advent calendar in every room stuffed with little trinkets that are both exciting and somehow NOT materialistic clutter that I won't shove in a bag when my kids aren't looking in six months.  My children's hair will be the perfect mix of messy and glamour ad as they lounge in THEIR pajamas and robes and slippers on the painted rough hewn timber floors.  It would be WARM even though that very gaping flooring is nestled on a snowy hillside.  Oooo, did I mention I'd have a steaming mug of coffee in my hand?  I would.  I would be contemplating my day of dressing in my fabulous wrap sweater that is 3 inches thick and goes around me 4 times while i still look shockingly skinny, to take the train to visit my girlfriends in the city and do a little shopping for more non-materialistic sorts of goodies to fill my house with.  My warm house that has 1" holes between each floor board.  Because we are *rustic* like that.

All of this ties very clearly into the image above!  I'm in love with The Princess and the Pea, and we had a lovely party for my daughter's 5th birthday celebrating said princess.  I was SO going to make her a darling little set like this one, but of course ran out of time, but GARNET HILL didn't!!  It is quite charming, although not nearly as charming as viola & pearl's.  And seriously, $100?  Of course my daughter waaaants it, she says with her sweet little hands clasped in a pleeeease sort of grasp.  Maybe I'll make her one for Christmas?

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