Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Can I be HER When I Grow Up?

Or at least something like her for Halloween next year?  Holy crap the gorgeousness.  I have so many posts to get on here, I'm just going to start with our latest:  Halloween.  Some day I'll spend time on MY costume like her, but for now, I dress three kids and leave myself 5 minutes before we have to be somewhere!
I adore Halloween!!!  I love it so much I had my first baby a few days before it.  After 7 years of pirate, dinosaur and Lego parties I finally got to have our first Halloween birthday party!  Birthday party: Friday.  After that party, my daughter was invited to another great party by her sweet friend.  Saturday brought TWO more parties.  Trick or Treating didn't even happen until SUNDAY.  We had three days of costumes and revelry.  It was pretty fantastic.  And now I'm pretty sure my blood has reached some sort of sugar saturation level only rivaled by a child at a circus eating pounds of cotton candy.  mmmm...  cotton candy!

I took photos of the kids over the course of the three days and these are the best:

And then our favorite incredible photographer, Stephanie Bryan, took these:  (!!)


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these costumes!!!! and you look PHENOMINAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad you had a good weekend :-)

  2. Thanks Dalon! I love halloween. and Re: me: I employed the old tricks of hiding-behind-the-cute-baby and turn-your-body-AWAY-from-the-camera!