Saturday, March 28, 2009

spring is here

If you ask my Miss Mae when her birthday comes, she says, "when the cherry blossoms bloom!" and look! they are blooming! These are actually plum blossoms, but they are pink. And they are blooming! Portland in the spring time is wet and blustery and cold... and often grey. But the trees start blooming and it is like there are these sparkling globes of pink and white and purple everywhere. The gorgeous blooms will eventually start to fall, and left are pink and white and purple puddles splashed all over the grey sidewalks and streets. Sometimes I feel like we have jumped into one of Mary Poppin's sidewalk drawings.
It means the days are lengthening, and the warm weather is around the corner. And so is Miss Mae's birthday! This year we are having a dress up tea party! I'll post the process over the next few days.

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