Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I blog on another site that I belong to - I've written about it before - Mamapreneurs. I posted there, about my plan of attack for keeping this house and this family together and working towards our common goal, similar to my blog post here. After the follow up post, a really incredible woman wrote on HER blog about MY post and added the best information. I think the attitude adjustment is a daily reminder! I feel like I'm doing great, and then we start to tilt and slide. Then I bolster up the other side and we start slipping the other way.

I had a really great talk with a dear friend the other day, and we were talking about this point in our lives. She said she felt like all of the big moments in life had already happened to her: falling in love, getting married, having babies.... And that her life was pretty much for the kids now. It made me think about my reality. I think it is SO easy to get overwhelmed when we are in the moment. Some days I feel like I missed the part where I signed up to be a cook and housekeeper. I want nothing more than to stay home with my kids, but frankly the other part of it stinks. I imagined playing all day with the kids, doing craft projects, going for walks, spending afternoons at the art museum meandering through the lovely installations. In real life, I'm lucky if we make it out of the house more than just to drop off or pick up someone from school or go to the grocery store. No one comes along to clean up the crafting messes and spend hours scrubbing the paint out of the kids' clothes. No one has dinner ready when we stroll back in after a day at the museum.

The only way to make it through these times is to hold on to the fleeting seconds of wonderment, the lovely smiles and belly laughs that bubble out of my kids even when I'm carrying a giant tower of laundry. I know they are going to be big and gone so fast. I know I am SO BLESSED to have them. I know the fact that Miss Mae just shoved a pencil through the front of her dress is going to be funny some day, and I'll wish I had my baby girl to hold on my lap while she cries about how much she loves her little ruined dress.

It is so easy to think that what is happening right now is going to be my reality for ever. It isn't. Just like those difficult days when Mr. H. was a baby seemed like that WAS my life are gone now. He is 6 1/2 years old already!!

I simply have to focus. I have to step away from the computer and JUST PLAY. I have to allow the mountain of laundry to sit quietly in the corner and not loom and jeer at me. I have to not obsess over how much I am NOT accomplishing, and realize that my accomplishments are THEM. And I'm not going to get a second chance with them.

So here is to living in the NOW! Here is to letting go of all of the voices telling me how I'm not doing enough. Here is to realizing how quick this time in my life really is, and that I'm not going to get it back here is to MY attitude adjustment!!


  1. Babies Don't Keep
    Cleaning and scrubbing
    can wait till tomorrow...
    for babies grow up
    we've learned to our sorrow...
    So quiet down cobwebs-
    dust go to sleep...
    I'm rocking my baby
    and babies don't keep!!

    Baby's Hand
    Today I'll hold my baby's hand
    And take time to explore.
    The secrets of a baby's world
    This moment has in store.

    For that same hand will wave goodbye
    When baby days have passed.
    Today I'll hold my baby's hand
    For babies grow so fast.

    And believe me!!! I know!!!!

  2. NICE. now i'm sitting here crying my eyes out...! :)