Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fancy Nancy Party

We are SO lucky here in Portland. There are so many great things to do all the time. Today as we drove to swimming lessons, there was a giant mobile climbing wall in the park! Every one of these little pockets feel like living in a small town. How do we have such a small town feel in such a big-ish city? I don't know, but the people are warm and energetic and lovely.

Today's outing was to one of my favorite places in town. It is the locally owned A Children's Place Bookstore. I could seriously start in one corner and read every single book in there. Today they held their Summer Thursday event: A Fancy Nancy Party!!

My Mae adores Miss Nancy, and I love reading it to her. How nice to have a fun dress up girl who is exciting, and adventurous, and funny! For the party we did rag curls again, and layered on lots of ribbons and bows and skirts. Just like Nancy.There were stories read aloud, a game of FANCY bingo where when a winner called out "FANCY!!" we all broke into a rousing round of Fancy Nancy to the tune of "There was a farmer who had a dog...": "F. A. N. C. Y. N. A. N. C. Y.!!" Afterwards, the girls all got Fancy Nancy binoculars in celebration of her new book about exploring insects Fancy Nancy: Explorer Extraordinaire! (and anyone who thinks insects are gross are just IMMATURE. I guess I am...), sparkly stickers, some Fancy Punch, and yummy cookies. Mae even asked me if we could wash out her paper cup and save it because she loved it so much.

Great fun having a little girl who can be a friend. I love spending time with her!


  1. Thank you so much to coming to our Fancy Nancy Party! I work at the bookstore, unfortuanately I missed out on the party, but I'm linking this to our facebook. We are so lucky to have such Fancy customers, and it looks like you guys had tons of fun!

  2. Oh! how nice! Thank you! and thank you guys for HOSTING the party. Miss Mae and I attended last year, as well, and she has talked about it for the entire last year.
    My son was in LEGO camp, but when I told him about hit, he said, "oh, well, I'm not dressing like Nancy, but I'll wear my pirate costume!" Too cute! he was just as excited after hearing so much about last year. and if not for the LEGO camp, he would have been celebrating, too. :D