Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Oh my do I want this book!!! This fall when it is cooler out, I'm going to felt again. I ADORE felting.


  1. Felting is soooooooooo intimidating to me that I have never even given it serious thought! C'mon Sweet Miss Marne, sell me on it! How hard/easy is it, how much time does it take...pros, cons?

  2. Felting is the BEST!!! and it is SOOOO easy! I love that it is instant gratification, too. I don't do all of the making fabric yet, I use recycled sweaters, roving, and felted wool. All you need besides that is a felting needle and something to poke into so you don't stab yourself. it is sort of like painting, sort of like sculpture. check out some i posted a bit ago:
    do those links work in the comments section? hmmm....