Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Frying Scotsman!

Eleven years ago my husband and I were married. We were just babies with almost no responsibilities... For our honeymoon we packed our backpacks and headed to the British Isles! We toured the most interesting and romantic places: London, Avalon, the windy Cornish coast, crumbling Irish castles... It was a beautiful month and we were both smitten with those funny people across the pond.
One of our first stops in London was for REAL fish and chips!! They were even served in newspaper!
Now Portland has true fish and chips by a real Scotsman! It is called The Frying Scotsman, and I can't WAIT to get there, although I'm afraid once I do, I'll not be able to go any where else!! This is a truly family friendly place - you can grab some food and sit outside or take it home to eat. Every kid (even my incredibly picky eater) loves fish and chips!

He is located at 2219 NW Raleigh St. You must go! And so must I!

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  1. How did we manage to forget this last weekend???!?? We MUST remember it when we're there next month!