Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Freeze Your Wine.

I was just reading my new Everyday Food magazine/recipe book I got in the mail yesterday and there was the best tip! Freeze your leftover wine in ice cube trays so you can pop them in soups or stews for extra flavor or even to deglaze a pan! I know I've read this before, but I seem to have forgotten it and feel so guilty when I look at that little bit of wine left in the bottle. I can hear you now, "Leftover WINE??!?!" Yes, my husband and I often don't finish a bottle between the two of us. We are always going in so many directions and so fast that when we sit down to enjoy a glass of wine, it somehow makes us realize just how insanely tired we are and we are lucky to make it through ONE glass before peeling our faces off the table and heading to bed.

We are going to miss these days of having sweet little people, but the idea of sleep is nice.

Anyway, FREEZE your wine!

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