Thursday, January 21, 2010


I know this book has been out for ages - I've given up thinking I'm going to read ANYthing hot off the presses - but holy crap it is funny!!! I am laughing out loud reading it! I read at night while everyone else is asleep and I have tears streaming down my face and I'm biting my lips together to keep from laughing so loud that I wake everyone up.
I'm a fan of Chelsea Handler, but I worried that even an incredibly funny stand up comedian wouldn't be able to put an entire book together intelligently. The first couple of chapters I could hear her voice as I read her words, but that has fallen away, and those words are just FUNNY!

She is crass, she is shocking, she is hilarious. Seriously. READ IT.
Her next book comes out March 10th and I might just be reading it "hot off the presses".

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