Saturday, January 9, 2010

Pretty Enough To Get Me Back To Yoga.

I was just explaining to someone about how I had JUST had a baby and had to answer, "well... he is 15 months old, actually" when asked. It has been 15 months since I worked out regularly. Yes, I worked out every single day of my pregnancy and then QUIT. Maybe if I had this gorgeous wrap to snuggle in after a workout I'd do it again? Seriously. Gorgeous.


  1. It is the perfect wrap to throw on before and after a yoga class! This wrap is so versatile! It can be worn several different ways! belted, pinned, or open and loose. This polar fleece sweatshirt is the perfect thing to keep you warm. Check it out on or on our etsy site

  2. I could have one of these for every day of the week! It's one you dive into and never come back out!
    And everything else on your site is incredibly lovely, too.
    Really, though, do you guys have to be gorgeous? I mean, really? Are you a bad speller at least?