Thursday, May 20, 2010

Baby's First Year Collections at Campbell Salgado Studio

I've gushed about Campbell Salgado to anyone who will listen, but let me say again what a wonderful experience I had with them.  Now that I'm further away from the whole being preggo state, I look back at our sessions with them as actually part of my birthing experience.  The memories of those sessions are actually woven into my memories of having babies!   I was NOT an "I feel more beautiful than ever before" kind of preggo person, and really, the only time I slowed down enough to really celebrate being pregnant was during our photo shoot.  They made me proud of how I looked and the photos are treasures and our art in our home.

The photos at the left are of Mr. H. and I together when I was pregnant (and I actually went into labor that day!), and then when Mae was 7 weeks, and then again for her first birthday.  (YES, she now has hair finally!)  We have a computer and hard drive FULL of photos of our kids, but these are in a different league, obviously, and are framed and ON OUR WALLS.

Kim Campbell and Francisco Salgado have revamped their Baby's First Year package so you can choose which milestones you want to capture and how you want to present them!  Check out all the details here

AND now through May 30, 2010 you can save $50 on any Baby’s First Year Collection by mentioning promo code CSS053010A.  In addition, the first 10 soon-to-be or new moms who sign up for a Baby’s First Year Collection package will receive a Mamalates – mom+babe DVD and kit, for synthesized movement for pregnancy, postpartum and all mamas (reg. $35)!
How stinking cute is this collage from their blog?!!

The time flies SO fast, I know everyone will tell you that, but looking at those pics of my babies who are in ELEMENTARY school now, really, really, really, brings it home for me. 


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