Thursday, May 6, 2010

THE Garden

We've finally done it!  We have planted a garden!  Of course since the weekend we've had wind storms, hail storms, and rain storms, but everything still seems to be alive and growing.  Can't see the seeds yet (yes, SEEDS, seriously, EEK), but I'm confident they will be showing themselves soon!!
Here is our original plan for the back yard:
(oy the new formatting in blogger is GREAT, and stubborn...)
We've decided to go with just 3 of the large planter boxes and 3 of the thinner boxes that will be against the fence.
All New Square Foot Gardening: Grow More in Less Space!We bought this great book at Powells and learned SO much - I highly recommend it!
This is the thin box before it gets a bottom:
After the bottom is put on, we but down the 3/4 - rock for drainage:
This is a barrier to stop the dirt from sifting down into the rocks, but water flows freely:
Then a compost/dirt/sand mix that was recommended:
Our little garden:
Our trusty little trailer:
AND the final wall garden!!:
Our first big bed!!:
I just checked and there is nothing to harvest yet....  maybe by this evening?!


  1. YAHOO!! I love it. You are going to eat so many yummy things straight from your backyard. It's fun to do with the kids too. Amanda and Trent go out every night to "check on the buddies" when Trent gets home from work. The Square Foot Gardening book is the best!

  2. Oh, I just remembered that my blogger account doesn't show my real name - this is Molly from Moms Club. :-)

  3. MOLLY! thank you, Trent told us about this book and it has been SO helpful. I am, however, very worried about critters eating everything. did you make a cage to keep them out like the book suggests?

  4. Hi there. I just stumbled on your blog looking for gardening ideas. Those planter boxes are beautiful and exactly what I have been dreaming about. I'm curious to see what they look like when full grown!

  5. Hi Here Forward!
    Thanks for stopping. :D if you want more information on the planter boxes, my husband actually drew them in 3d first - i'd be happy to send you an eps or jpeg or something. we had to raise them up off the concrete a bit so they could drain, so they are very strong to hold all the weight...
    everything has been in for 2 weeks now, and we keep waiting for everything to EXPLODE, but so far we just have sprouts from the radishes and beets - no carrots to speak of - and everything else seems to be JUST as it was when we planted. i'm pretty impatient!