Tuesday, August 12, 2008

AAAHHHHH Puuurl...

I adore this website and this blog: purlsoho.com and purlbee.com ! I don't know how to do a THING with yarn, and I'm not exactly sure what I would do with a crocheted mushroom, but I adore looking at what they've done. And I love looking at all of the lovely colors of yarns! Maybe a little later life I'll be able to teach myself how to do some of their lovely crafts. Their sewing crafts are just beautiful, too. I'm so going to make some of them once we are done with this website!! This is one of their great projects/tutorials - so simple, and yet so fantastic.

They are an incredibly talented group of women in L.A. and New York. I dream about strolling into their store in New York and taking classes with them! The great thing, is they have such an amazing website, it is almost like I AM able to do that!

They have tutorials for SO many projects, it really is like you are taking classes from the best.

The fabrics for sale are also just the best of the best. You must check them out!

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