Thursday, July 31, 2008

Firecracker Baby Diaper Bags

We are working SO hard at getting our new website up and running. It has been a long process, but hopefully it will be worth the wait! We've been scouring the area for the best new designers and would love to hear from more of you if you are interested in being showcased on Cat.

One of the fantastic new products we will have VERY soon are Firecracker Baby diaper bags. These are the brain child of my very good friend (lucky me!) Anne, who was so fed up with the ridiculously expensive diaper bags out there that are WORTHLESS, that she set out to make the perfect AFFORDABLE bag herself! She has worked her various bags into the very best three - a messenger bag, an over the shoulder bag, and a tote bag. All have tons of pockets, magnetic clasps, GORGEOUS fabrics, and are: wait for it: COMPLETELY MACHINE WASHABLE. I mean, honestly, why are diaper bags not machine washable?? (I got a teeeeny tiny spot of desitin on the inside pocket of my uber expensive diaper bag I carried for a few weeks with my son, and that tiny spot smeared all over the inside of my bag, and I never did get it all off.)

Just for Cat in an Apron, Anne has agreed to do CUSTOM bags! You choose the exterior fabric, YOU choose the interior fabric, YOU choose the style that best suits you!! I know. Genious. I'm including a few images of some of the fabrics, and some of her gorgeous bags just to give you a tiny fix until you can have the real thing.

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