Thursday, November 6, 2008

AAAHHH caffeine!

My husband had to go back to work last night. He is so awesome (yes i SAID it, AWESOME) that he comes home after work, eats dinner with us, gives the kids a bath, gets them ready for bed, reads them books, THEN goes back to work. I hate that he has to work so late, so often, and I hate the architecture industry for making it necessary, and for paying SHIT wages, but I love that his priority is us.
Anyway, he went back to work, which means that I don't go to bed until he gets home. It makes no sense, but it is the way it is. He got home around 12:30, we got baby o. ready for bed, talked a little, etc., and before i knew it it was 2 a.m. Baby O. woke up to eat at 5:30ish, the kids woke up and went downstairs, only to start screaming "DAAAAD" 10 minutes later, and then we were all up for good. I was sitting at the kitchen table with my head in my hands trying to get up the energy to get in the shower, and Marc's cell phone rang. Now, when someone calls us after 9 pm or before 9 am, I always assume the WORST. Marc is fumbling around looking for his cell phone, and I'm thinking "Who died THIS time?? How am I going to explain it to the kids? What do I have to wear to a funeral??" And I'm running through the list of people who it could possibly be.
Turns out it is our neighbor. He is calling to ask if he can BRING. US. STARBUCKS. because he is walking over anyway. Seriously?!? How fantastic is that?! It completely turned my day around. I stepped out of the shower to my husbands hand jutting into the bathroom holding the beautiful drink! And the cups are the snowflake holiday design!! I felt like bundling everyone up and going for a walk in the SNOW to sing Christmas carols. I'm this easy to please.
I tried to avoid Starbucks for a long time while I was working. I was trying to go the whole "Starbucks is too corporate, and a sell out, etc. etc." In my old age I've accepted that some things just work, you know? and i LIKE them! Starbucks makes me happy. Maybe it isn't GOOD coffee to a connoisseur. Maybe they are more marketing than service or product. and yes there is one on every corner, and i should be supporting the local shops (i do this, too). But, OH, how Starbucks can make me happy! The steaming, creamy chai tea latte warms me and seriously makes my day!

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