Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Christmas Tree Ornaments

I've been making felted bags for a couple of years now. I LOVE FELTING! It is like painting and sculpture only faster. I make little hand bags that are lined with cotton and are bigger, so I thought smaller ones would be great for the tree. The body is a recycled wool sweater that I felted, and the designs are needle felted on. I gave them as gifts last year filled with cellophane bags of candy that I made. They also fit a gift card perfectly. When I was growing up, my parents always put special gifts ON the tree, and these are a lovely little holder for them.

I'm making some great pins in the poinsettia design, too. Right now I'm focusing on getting them done for the swag bags for the Holiday Shopping Soiree that I'm doing on December 6th. Hopefully I'll get enough done that I can put them on here, as well.


  1. Oh M! Those are A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!!! How cute would an entire tree done in felted items be?! EEP! too cute! :D Love them! (you are SO I can't even figure out how to make an apron or a blanket out of squares of fabric hahahahaha) Needless to say, i am domestically challenged!

  2. awww. i'm totally self taught. i was an architect, first, so i'm really better at DRAWING what i want, but i just do things over and over until it looks the way i want it to!
    some day i'll figure out how to do clothes!