Friday, November 14, 2008

DWR: Limited

I'm sure you are already huge fans of Design Within Reach like I am. My dream home would be walking into the pages of one of their magazines. I don't even care which one, or which page! They are doing the coolest countdown of goreousness right now. Some of the things are vintage and selling at auction, some are just for sale, but OH, are they all amazing. Today is The Flocks Aran Rug:

It sells for a mere $9000. I'm thinking of getting one for each room. If I had the kind of money to spend $9000 on a 7' x 5' rug, would I? I'm not sure. I'd like to think I would feed the hungry first, but it really is a peice of art. And the quantities seem to be limited, so you need to act fast to get yours.

Make sure, though, to check out their daily variety of the ultimate in COOLNESS.


  1. hahahaha yeah it is a hard choice sometimes between heirloom and humanity..;) just kidding :D....only 36 more days until I get to give Tink her hat!!!!! You have NO clue how hard it is, having it tucked in our secret Christmas place (which is right behind my headboard (it makes a triangle with the wall lol)! It is maddening! Instead of the Tell Tale Heart it is the Sew n Sew Flipside Hat! Constantly calling, whispering "awww just let her have it now....think how cute it would be with her autumn outfits!...c'monnnnnnn" :D Hope you are having a great week!

  2. :) I wish I had enough money to do BOTH!
    Oh MY, 36 days till Christmas?? I'm totally not ready! I can't wait to see her in it either! Mags wore hers for 2 years - it is just now a little too tight. One afternoon when she was playing with her brother in the backyard, she used it as a bucket to move dirt. We have ONE tiny little bit of dirt in our back yard, and it is their very favorite place to play!! Anyway, i thought the thing was toast, it was so dirty. My husband cleaned it in the sink, and you can't even tell it ever went through it's day as a dump truck. They are the BEST hats!
    Hiding your Christmas presents has totally reminded me of when i found out about Santa - it is too much to write here, so i'm going to write it in a post!