Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Computer dies, but customer service at DELL rocks!

My computer has died. I had a mini breakdown when my husband told me - got a little dizzy and everything. I couldn't think about it, so i just "unplugged" myself for the weekend. It was wonderful, but at the same time, this nagging at the back of my head about what could be lost, and what i SHOULD be doing was pretty horrible. I called DELL, and they sent out a tech yesterday who replaced the motherboard, and for about 2 minutes i saw my DESKTOP!! Thank you GOD, my hard drive is happy and safe - just inaccessible. Turns out the NEW motherboard might be a 'lemon' so they are going to replace it again today. I'm just so happy the hard drive is okay! and I'm so impressed with dell for coming to ME - i don't have to mail it anywhere or take it anywhere - just great.
Now, however, I'm typing on our OTHER machine. We set up my old tower computer for our kids to play games on. The keyboard is VERY old, and doesn't type "W's" very well! so i have to hit the damn w key THREE times to get it to type one!! very frustrating. And when i read what I've written, it is filled with hens, and hys, and hats!!

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