Saturday, January 10, 2009

After School Snacks

I'm on a quest to find a HEALTHY after school snack that my kids will like and want to eat. My son has eating "issues" that I've talked about quite a bit - his food repertoire is VERY limited, although it grows every day. He would just as soon NOT eat than eat something he doesn't really like. We try to stay to a pretty strict time schedule when it comes to eating so that no one gets ravenously hungry or misses dinner because of snacking all day long. My daughter can have a glass of milk at 4:00 and not be hungry for dinner. She also gets VERY cranky when she is hungry, and hasn't quite made the connection yet. Although she did comment, when Carlotta from the Phantom of the Opera is throwing a fit, "SHE must not have had BREAKFAST today! SHE is GRUMPY!"
They eat crackers and cheese or a little fruit every single day. I need something new!! I made the recipe for Peanut Butter Granola Balls from Everyday Food, but I'm surprised at how much honey is in them! They are VERY sweet. My daughter didn't like them because she didn't like the oatmeal, although she LOVES oatmeal and granola, and my son wouldn't even try them.
I would like to be able to make a batch Sunday afternoon or Monday morning, and have them all week. They need to be at least SORT of healthy - would be great if I could sneak in something they don't usually eat, and need to be NOT sugar with sugar on top. I mean, I could just buy a bag of cookies if they are going to eat rice crispy treats or something.
This is a page from Martha. Most of them are either things the kids won't eat, or too dessert-y for what I'm looking for.
I think something like this would be a great thing to bring to a friend with a new baby, too. I'm still grabbing anything just to stop the hunger when I'm running out the door, or swamped with things to do here. It would be nice to have something healthy on hand.
I'm going to keep digging and see if I can find something. Any ideas?

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