Thursday, January 22, 2009

Michael Miller Rocks the Testing.

I just received a pdf of Michael Miller's Fabric (O'Henry uses their lovely flannels) testing proving they are phthalate and lead free, and that they pass the flammability requirements. They didn't specify if they had tested EACH print as the law seems to require, but what a great step to show that they care about their customers!!

Cat in an Apron has NEVER used any questionable fabrics or materials. Everything we make and everything we carry is made by people who are using the very best, and whenever possible, local products. We all care deeply about children and their safety AND their parents!

Here is Michael Miller's testing info:

I can only assume (and hope) the other fabric houses will start doing the same.

I just got a note from a friend that said she contacted Alexander Henry who told her they were NOT planning on doing any testing, and that the small business owners would be able to find out if their fabrics had any of the toxins when we did our own testing. NICE. I just sent them a letter, too so I will update this when I hear back.

The proposed testing is so expensive, and required PER BATCH of manufacture - even if it is 10 blankets in a batch - that the prices to the consumer would go way up, or not be able to be made anymore. If one fabric manufacturer handles the cost of this testing, I can assure you I will use the tested fabrics!

Please let me know how you feel about the testing and the law!

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