Sunday, January 11, 2009

Baby Wearing

I had it all planned before baby O. was born (I'm good at planning what my kids will be like - and so far I've been completely wrong every time) I was going to WEAR this kid so that I could still be out and about with my two older kids and not dragging a gigantic car seat with me where ever I went. I knew a woman in Mr. H's first preschool who just popped her newborn in his sling and didn't even really slow down! He hung out in there, slept in there... I only knew he was growing by the size the bundle wrapped around her middle. One day he popped out, and could practically walk! I have another friend who is a baby wearing consultant - I wish I knew her better, so she could give me some pointers. I'm not interested so much in the dogmatic part of the wearing. I don't think kids have to be worn in order to bond or to feel good about themselves, I would just like to be able to move around with BOTH hands while holding Baby O. There are so many types on the market: the Maya Wrap, the Mei Tai, slings, Baby Bjorns, etc. etc. etc.

So far I'm a complete failure at it. We have a Kelty Kids front carrier from when Mr. H. was a baby - I used it a lot with him and with Miss Mae. I hated it. I HATED it. It never fit me, the back panel was always riding up, it was incredibly hot, and you have to wrap the baby in one piece and then clip it 400 times to get it attached to the piece already on YOU.

We also have a Baby Hawk, but Baby O. has spent about one hour in it in the three months he's been here - he hates it. I also have a Peanut Shell which I thought would be PERFECT, and the only time I've gotten Baby O. in it is when he was already asleep. He squirms and screams and acts like I'm attacking him! I set out for the park with him happily sleeping in it, I had this image of me pushing the kids in the swings, following them around everywhere, all the while Baby O would be happy and content taking part in the whole thing. WELL. I ended up taking him out as soon as he woke up screaming and thrashing, and carried him home in my arms with the sling shoved in my back pocket.

Do some babies go for the wearing and others not? Am I just doing it all wrong?? I would love any ideas or experiences!!


  1. Hi Marne,
    In my experience: Edie hated the sling, loved the Bjorn, liked the Ergo and then we were done with the carrying. I do remember when I first plopped her into the Ergo one morning after yoga she fell asleep while I was still in line to pay for it at the store. Have you tried the Ergo? I noticed it wasn't listed but you are welcome to try ours!

  2. i will take you up on that offer! I've been trying the sling a little every day, and if he is VERY interested in what he is watching (miss mae usually, or if i'm vacuuming) he'll hang out for about 10 minutes. No more, though.

  3. Go see Jen, the owner at Milagros (you can mention me). She will help you with the ones you have, or show you how to use the ones (new and used) that she has there. I'm not sure if it's still happening, but there was a PDX Babywearing meeting (to try out and learn about different carriers from other moms) at Milagros one Sunday a month. You could probably call there and check on that, too. Beth was a very active baby, yet she loved the Maya wrap. If you want to try it, you could borrow my Maya until June:) Leigh Ann

  4. Some babies take to babywearing or certain types of baby carriers easier than others. Even though many baby carriers have a wide age range, some are better used specifically for newborns, older babies, or toddlers, etc.

    You should definitely follow up with any local babywearing groups that you have. Local moms will help you try out various types of carriers and make sure you are wearing them correctly.

    It also helps to use the carrier when your baby is at their best, i.e. after a nap or feeding. Send me an email at katie(at) if you would like specific wearing tips for the carriers you have.

  5. That is so nice of you guys! I definitely will go to milagros again. The woman there was a great help when baby o. was first born. I think he is right in between ages for the baby hawk. He no longer wants to sort of 'sit' on his feet - with them tucked under him - but he is too little to put his legs around my waist.
    This morning, though, I had him in the sling for over an hour! It was GREAT! he was checking out everything i was doing, I even made lunch with him grabbing at all of the various ingredients. He would rest his little head on me periodically, and was really happy. Hopefully that will continue!!