Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby Jesus and Mr. O.

This is Baby Jesus.   He is my son's lovey.  None of my kids have ever had a 'blankie' or a specific lovey that they couldn't sleep without.  Until now.  Until Baby Jesus.  Our Mr. O. has always loved babies, and when his big sister took all of hers back, he was left with NONE.  That is until he found Baby Jesus.  Baby Jesus is just about two inches tall and came in the arms of his mother, Mary:
Holy Folks Small Mary Plush Doll 
She was a gift from the kids' Fairy God parents.  Mary is safely tucked away in Miss Mae's room, but Mr. O. has taken Baby Jesus and will. not. let. go.  He can't sleep without him.  He sets a place for him at our table.  He buckles him into his stroller and pushes him around.  He calls him, "Baby Jesus."  He feeds him with a doll bottle that is two times his size.  Did I mention Baby Jesus is 2" tall?!  
It is very, very, sweet but DOES solicit quite a few giggles from all of us. "Don't throw Baby Jesus!"  and "Uh-oh, we lost Baby Jesus again!"  And every night before drifting off to sleep, O. says, "I love you Baby Jesus."
We all adore Baby Jesus but I was afraid he would lose him for good and would be devastated.  I also thought he needed a baby that would fill his arms - one he could really snuggle with all night.  We found this amazing woman on etsy.  She also writes a lovely blog that I would like to escape into for even just one day.  To be able to make the things she makes!!!  Find her at Driaa.  She was a dream to work with and makes personal dolls, too.  She'll make them perfect for your little person down to the embroidered shoes and hand knitted sweaters!  Look at Queen Elizabeth!!
(Mr. O. was asleep when he arrived in the mail and I ripped him out of bed to open the package.  He was a little groggy and grumpy...):
This is how our  new baby arrived, complete with a sweet sewn heart on a ribbon:
and he came with his own personal blanket!!

 The new baby is yet to be named, but he is clearly part of our family now.  Baby Jesus is still #1 in Mr. O.'s heart, but that is kind of how it should be!


  1. :D he is such a sweet kid! he even reads his babies books every night and kisses them on the head and covers them with their blanket before we read books.

  2. Thank you so much for this wonderful post!
    It really warms my heart, especially that Mr O did not cast baby Jesus aside for the sake of something NEW. That shows of a real heart !

  3. Oliver now calls his Dria baby "brudder" :D as in "brother" because he is SO much bigger than Baby Jesus that *clearly* he is Jesus' big brother. He tucks them in to his baby bed together and covers them both with his Dria blankey. And when he goes to bed, he has Brother tucked under his chin with his arm wrapped around him, and Baby Jesus firmly in his fist! SO cute.

  4. So incredibly SWEET!! My nephew, who is almost exactly O's age, can't sleep without his Percy train. LOVE THIS AGE!

  5. I forgot that BEFORE Baby Jesus, O. swaddled a FOOTBALL and carried it around and loved it and slept with it and took care of it when it was sick.... That was when we started the hunt for the perfect baby and while I was hunting he found Baby Jesus.
    "don't drop Baby Jesus in the puddle, O.!" :D hee, hee.

  6. oh this is SO cute/funny! Oliver is SUCH a sweet boy!!!