Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Halloween Birthday Party

AND here are some pics of the Halloween Birthday party.  Mr. H. turned 8, but there were kids from 2 to 9 years old with us.  Here are the "goody bags".  I gave them out throughout the party as they "won" things.  We filled as many glass jars as we could find with water and food coloring to make it look like an apothecary/scary lab.  I put cauliflower in green, twisty leaves in brownish orange....

The kids came in to our kitchen table and cut out masks from Brian Gubicza Illustration.  I had cut black ribbon in the pretty little crystal and silver dishes in the middle of the table.  The kids just cut out the masks, punched holes, threaded the ribbons, and voila!  Masks!  Everyone came in costume, but I always like to have a an activity part of the dressing up aspect of the party in case anyone feels left out with what they are wearing.
 Once everyone had arrived we played our first game, wrap a mummy!  I split the kids into 2 teams and they wrapped one of their team members in the entire roll.  First to the end of the roll wins!!  It was hysterical and got a lot of the wiggles out.
Next we had taped all of the pieces of a plastic skeleton around the house for the kids to find.  They did find them, in record time, and put Mr. Bones back together.
The rest of the party was spent noshing on yummy Halloween-y treats, freeze dance (if you've never watched 10 second graders dance their hearts out, I *totally* recommend it!!  TOO funny.  And adorable.), and an impromptu game of toilet paper limbo.  A grand afternoon, indeed.
Yes, that is a gummy worm coming out of a bear skull.  Good times, good times.

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