Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Chicken Thighs

No, this is not a reference to the state of my preggo thighs, although I could go OFF on that as well... It is instead a review of the recipe I posted below. WOW is this GOOD!! Great flavor, great texture, great smell. It is kind of cold here in Portland today, and my house smells like Thanksgiving. ALMOST makes me crave the change in season. Wait. NO IT DOESN'T!

So as a recipe for new parents/families, this doesn't really work at all, unless you live quite close, or have some sort of way to keep something warm. I like to be able to drop of a COLD meal, and let the family pop it in the oven at their convenience. This IS a one pot meal, but it is on the stove, and when it is done, it is done. I imagine it would freeze alright, but I don't think it would be as good as the night it is made. However, as a new addition to my repertoire (yes, I’ve adopted it) it is SO great! The soft texture of the beans with the chewy kielbasa and the tender chicken is perfect. And the bread crumb topping gives it a little crunch while soaking up some of the liquid and making it even thicker. YUM. I made it in my Le Cruset, though, I can't imagine a skillet that could handle this much food, and I am always having trouble keeping everything in a skillet anyway. We had it with market fresh green beans and asparagus (and peaches and carrots for the kids) I also recommend a nice chewy loaf of bread along side.

My husband liked it even though he has a 'thing' about "stew-type-meals", my daughter ate quite a bit, and I loved it. Henry wouldn't even try it. Not even for an extra X on his meal chart. (I’ve talked about his eating 'issues' on here a little. He DID however eat an entire piece of asparagus!! So that was a bonus. He said he loved it, however, one piece was quite enough thank you, and he still got his X for the night.

SO, my summation is:
  • GREAT dinner,
  • Not too expensive,
  • Goes quite far,
  • Lovely smell,
  • Not too many dishes to clean (even with all of the "make this and set aside" parts)
  • NOT GREAT as a meal to take to a new family unless you live close or they are sitting at the table waiting for it.

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