Thursday, July 24, 2008

CitizenJane Politics

I've just come across this site, and from what I can tell, this seems like an actual UNBIASED site. I didn't think there was such a thing, and I'm a little skeptical, but it seems like you can actually get true information!!
Here's what their about us page starts with:

"I call CitizenJane Politics "The Modern Girls' Guide to Picking the Leaders of the Free World" because that's exactly what it's designed to be. This is where you can find plain-English answers to where the candidates really stand on issues. You can also find out when and where to vote, what all that political jargon means, and whether there's a debate next week that you might want to watch on TV. Finally, you'll see politics through the eyes of women instead of the eyes of men. God love 'em, but why are men most of the voices in the political conversation when women are most of the voters?"

Check 'em out. If I'm wrong, PLEASE let me know!

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