Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tonight as i was making dinner for my family, my husband and i were talking about what kind of salad i was making, and we each said "Caesar" a couple of times. In the back ground, my son was asking "what is CAESAR?? WHO is CAESAR??" Finally, I focused my attention on him and said, "Honey, we are talking about the salad dressing, but Julius Caesar was sort of like the KING of Rome over 2000 years ago, BLAH, BLAAAH, BLAAAAAAH......" all the while i'm silently congratulating myself on what a good mother i am teaching my 5 year old about history during dinner, etc. etc. When i finally stop to take a breath, my son says, "you know what?" I'm waiting for some heavy insight from him that will further puff my ego, and he says,

"you know what?? i can scratch my BUM at the same time as i eat my dinner!!"

Yep. that's my boy. WATCH OUT HARVARD!!

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