Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pregnancy, round THREE

Here's my theory. a woman's first pregnancy should be nine months long. She needs time to read up on everything, wrap her brain around the idea of becoming a mother and the changes her life is going to go through, daydream about the incredibly perfect mother she'll be, decorate the NURSERY including making sweet little shadow boxes and photo collages for the walls... She needs to spend hours scouring the internet and local shops finding the PERFECT things for each room that might be affected by new baby... Her body needs nine months to stretch slowly into pregnancy shape. She needs at LEAST 9 months to contemplate BIRTH.

Second pregnancy? Should be 6 months, tops. Scratch out the first "wrapping her brain around the idea" related items. The shopping the second time around is cut at LEAST in half, even if the second baby is a different gender. Second time mama is prepared and ready to handle birth and feedings and sleepless nights, etc. etc.

This is my third pregnancy.

My THIRD. All i'm saying is this pregnancy shouldn't be really more than FOUR months long. My mind needs no wrapping around anything except maybe that my husband and i are soon to be out numbered. I have all the clothes, accessories, gear, etc. anyone could ever need. I have no allusions about being the perfect mother. My arse popped right out into its gigantium state that took nine months the first time, by month 3. and birth?? I've had just about all the experiences a woman can have - BRING IT ON.

Four months is PLENTY of time to be ready for this new person to arrive. Too bad biology doesn't depend on a mother's SHOPPING needs....!

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