Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pure Joy

My daughter Miss Mae IS pure joy. She feels everything she does so deeply, and exudes those feelings in gigantic sunbursts out of her little 3 year old body like a volcano. Sometimes I think Ican taste her happiness it is so thick. She feels her sadness as wholeheartedly, although it is usually short-lived which has caused my husband and I to, in a turrets sort of way, blurt out "SYBIL!" She can be SOBBING one second and then turn around with "I'm HAPPY NOW!!" and she truly is HAPPY. It soaks into my skin and makes me happy to be alive. Wow, the preggo hormones must be taking a drastic swing right now, but she is just so amazing.

Today she was able to continue her ballet classes that we started earlier this summer with a 'camp' through the community center. She burst out of bed and the first thing she asked was "is it BALLET DAY???" She walked into the dance studio and her smile was so big and her shoulders were up by her ears and there she was - pure happiness. This is my daughter who usually can be found playing with her big brother - pretending to be a velociraptor, or Indiana Jones, or a transformer - and slipping on her tiny little ballet slippers and grasping the sweet little girls' hands next to her in her ballet circle turns into miss prima ballerina!

I HIGHLY recommend her class and Miss Erica her teacher. The class is at Laurelhurst Dance Studio and offered through Portland Parks and Rec. This is no bunny hopping tots class like they show in the movies. Miss Erica is teaching them all of the positions with real names, and Mae doesn't "tiptoe" around the house anymore, she "Bourre'e's".
I wish I could feel a 10th of her love of life. I'm lucky to know her and get to spend so much time with her. I hope I can learn from her!

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