Monday, September 1, 2008

Boppy Cover Reality

After perusing the lovely fabrics at my local fabric store that evening, figuring out how much it would cost me to make my own and factoring my time in.... I decided to buy this lovely one off of etsy!! The fabric is beautiful, I love the contrast for Baby O to check out, and it is DONE and in the mail. GIANT sigh of relief. Maybe when I have a little more time, I'll try to make one of my own. She has some other really great products she makes, too, check out her store.

Instead, I have to prepare my son and his list of 10,000 things for his very first day of kindergarten tomorrow, get my daughters everything ready for her first day of preschool the NEXT day, finish painting the basement so this new child will actually have BEDDING to sleep in, and try not to go into labor.

I am completely not prepared for ANYTHING at this point. Everything Baby O will be using including the aforementioned bedding is in plastic tubs, unwashed, in our visqueened laundry room in the basement. We are going to try to get the basement painted tonight and this week so we can actually pull everything out of the laundry room and go through it. I have clothes washed for the little guy, and half of a box of diapers left over from my daughter and that is IT! I guess when number three comes along things are a little more relaxed??

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