Saturday, September 20, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Oh! My life just got BETTER! I found this blog yesterday and it was like sinking into one of the giant bags of candy my brother and I used to get every once in a BLUE moon (my mother being of the wheat bread, no sugar cereal, no candy persuasion when I was a kid).

Cybele May blogs about C.A.N.D.Y!!! Gummi candy, chocolate candy, sour candy, licorice candy, marshmallow candy - EVERYTHING is covered. She has a very organized scoring system and reviews every candy in great detail from the packaging, to the smell, to the texture, to the overall pleasure of the experience. I could get lost in this blog, and maybe never come back. I've decided she should be crowned Queen of all Confection. Queen of all Sweet? Didn't Michael Jackson coin himself "King of Pop" and then Howard Stern followed with "King of all Media"? I think if they can label THEMSELVES, I certainly can refer to a MUCH more deserving woman with such a title.

Do you really need another way to find MORE candy you ask? What happened to the "once the baby comes, I'm done gorging myself on candy and losing this baby weight" you ask?? WELL, now I can swim in her lovely descriptions and pick the PERFECT something to reward myself with as the pounds melt away. Yes, I'm holding on to the belief that these pounds are going to MELT AWAY.

FIRST, though, I need to find a couple of choice pieces from Mrs. May's list, enjoy them to the fullest, and then evict this baby!

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