Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Countdown Begins

18 days and COUNTING!!! 18 days. That is NOTHING, right? I mean, 18 days FLIES past when I have a deadline, or a BABY IS COMING. So why does this seem like the longest pregnancy in history? I've been through THREE seasons with this child inside of me! I really shouldn't be so impatient - my TO DO list is miles long!

Here's what I had prepared when Mr. H (the first baby) was making his appearance:
  • an entirely redecorated nursery with wall hangings, new shelves with all new toys arranged just so.
  • a closet and dresser full of brand new sparkling clean clothes arranged by size and outfit
  • a diaper changing table with every ointment, cream, cleaner, etc. known to man arranged in the top drawer next to the perfectly stacked diapers.
  • The brand new crib and crib set made by hand by a dear friend all set up, including a white noise machine attached to the side and a "weed whacker" mobile hanging artfully above.
  • All of his brand new blankets washed and pressed and hanging in various places around the house in case one was needed.
  • Every outlet hole plugged with those damn little clear plastic covers that rip your fingernails to the quick every time you have to vacuum.
  • you get the picture.
Here's what I have prepared for Baby O (baby number THREE):
  • a half of a pack of diapers left over from Miss Mae in a box somewhere in the framed and visqueened laundry room downstairs,
  • a dresser full of clean hand-me-downs from Mr. H. IN Mr. H's room.

Yeah - that is it. We are finishing the construction of our basement, and the only room that wasn't covered in 2 inches of sheet rock dust is the laundry room. It is filled to the ceiling with plastic bins and sealed boxes. Inside these boxes are EVERYTHING for Baby O who is threatening to make his appearance any day, including his bedding for the moses basket he'll be sleeping in next to our bed, his swing, his chair, etc. etc. We of course can't get ANY of this out until the rest of the basement is finished which is what we have been working on for the last 4 days straight. Okay, i started helping yesterday with painting - my husband has been downstairs every night and weekend for the last 6 months.

Here's what we have to do before this kiddo decides he is done with sleeping near us, most of which I'd like to have done before he COMES:

  • Bunk bed purchased, painted, and set up in Mr. H's room so Miss Mae can move in with him, and Baby O can have his own room (waking up all hours of the night and everything)
  • Crib retrieved from where ever it has found itself during the construction, washed and put together in the 'nursery' - new mattress purchased (have you heard the theory that old mattresses can cause SIDS because of mold spores from previous children's spit up?? Scared me enough to get a new one...)
  • Bedding found and thrown at the crib.
  • Basement finished!
  • Entire office set up and moved from main floor to new office downstairs.
  • Miss Mae's bed moved downstairs to basement...
  • Prepare for natural child birth.

No stress, right?

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