Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Booking Airline Tickets Online

I am so angry, I have to vent! We have been trying to book my niece a flight out here from Rochester, New York. I looked up the price on and it came to about $250. I emailed my mom and said, "book the tickets!" She logs on and says, "What are you talking about? They are $600!!" I've been checking all day long every day since then, and the prices haven't dropped below $500. Today I got another $260, did a celebration dance, and quickly click the button to buy the tickets. Here is what i get:

SORRY, the price has increased since your search.

Are you kidding me?? It has increased in the last 30 seconds?? I think that is called BAIT AND SWITCH, no?? What is the deal with the airline companies that there is no PRICE for anything? It is a constant freaking bouncing scale that you have to some how pounce on at the exact right time. The very same seat is $200 one minute and $800 the next?!?!? Makes me so angry!!

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