Saturday, December 6, 2008

On The Sixth Day of Christmas....

My true love gave to meeee:

SIX Geese a-laying

fiiiiive goooolden riiiiings,
fo-ur calling birds,
three french hens,
two-oo turtle doves,
and a partri-idge in a pear treeee....

Our gift of geese can either represent the 6 days of creation, or the fact that geese mate for life (although the males seem to mate with MANY girl geese for life - lifetime POLYgamy instead of monogamy...), or 6 sturdy egg laying domesticated animals providing us a good supply of food in eggs as well as potentially more males for eating, OR even protection as some considered them early security systems with all of their honking at strangers.
We celebrate day six with The Children's Aids Fund located in Washington DC. This group supports children and families living with AIDS. "Since the beginning of the epidemic, many have rightfully focused on research to find treatments, vaccines, and hopefully a cure. To complement that effort and provide tangible immediate assistance for those dealing with HIV, the Children's AIDS Fund (CAF) focuses on meeting practical needs of HIV-impacted children and families. Programs have emerged from working with families for more than 15 years that include:
Emergency financial assistance
Holiday gifts
Counseling regarding such issues as:
Treatment & care
Community support
Permanency planning
Technical assistance and networking with care providers
International partnerships addressing such needs as:
Education for orphaned children
Establishing group homes for orphaned children
Developing pilot programs for treatment & care
Providing technical assistance for indigenous care providers and support networks"

Here is the mission statement: "The Children's AIDS Fund works to limit suffering of children and their families caused by HIV disease by providing care, services, resources, referrals, and education."

Their website has tons of really great information on AIDS. If ever you have a question this is the place to look. Refresh the front page and every new page shows how many adults, women, children, and orphans are infected with AIDS in each country. Heavy. What can you do in your community? Check here.
As always, 15% of every sale will be donated to the charity from our list of your choice - just email me after check out at and I'll take care of it.

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