Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I LOVE Kindergarten Projects!

My son brought this home from school. You've probably read something like this a million times, but I am new to the whole SCHOOL PROJECT thing, and I just ADORE this!! These are the sorts of things parents should do if they knew about them - there should be a BOOK. Here is what it says:

Each evening when goodnights are said,
Take off one link, and hop into bed.
When only the star is left to shine,
Then you will know it is Christmas time!

I love that my son made it. I love that it helps them be aware of how much time is left until Christmas. I love that it is part of our evening routine now. I love that Christmas Eve we'll be able to take that last link off and the kids will go to sleep knowing Santa will have been there when they wake up! I love Christmas time!!!

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